Hlayisani's investment philosophy is focused on the acquisition of either significant minority or majority ownership stakes in market-leading organisations, growth businesses and high potential young revenue generating venture businesses.

The fund will seek to invest in companies with the following criteria:

- Innovative business model with proven technologies that are scalable;
- Companies led by a strong management team with operating experience;
- Potential market leader / significant player in target sector and region;
- Large market opportunity;
- Companies in growth or expansion stage (post revenue to profitable businesses) with a Southern African and East African focus and beyond;
- Business models that demonstrate significant social economic impact without compromising profitability;
- Consider businesses where empowerment will be a competitive advantage;
- Identifiable exit opportunities.

Investment size:

R10m - R100m investment size

Investment start:

Investing is expected to begin in Q3 of 2018.


If you feel your business matches our mandate and the investment timelines are suitable, we encourage you to complete our application form below:
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Unfortunately, we do not invest in the concept stage of a business (i.e. we invest in businesses with customer traction). For more information on our investment mandate please visit our website.
You are welcome to re-apply when your business is off the ground.

We wish you all the best with your venture.